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Ruggero Ruggieri
About myself

Hi, my name is Ruggero Ruggieri. I was born and live on the Italian coast, not far from the French border.
I began my love of paint art at a young age. I won my first art contest for all school pupils when I was 12 years old.
My family weren’t surprised about my success as they were aware art ran in my veins ... my grandfather’s brother, Salvatore Murra, and 2 of his sons Enzo Murra and Raffaele Murra, were artists and art restorers in churches, receiving assignments either from the Polish Pope and the German Pope.

My passions

I love the art of painting on any of its expressions. The creative freedom of this art ''allowes'' me to express my rebellious spirit, self-deprecation and desecration! I am passionate about travelling and meeting new people all over the world, not as "a tourist" but as "a traveller". I love history, archeology, adventures, jazz music and cooking.

Painting is not ...

... about reproducing things as they are! That is task of those who dedicate themselves to the art of photography.
Painting, to me, is ''sharing my emotions''!!!
Knowing everybody will see something different in my art, means I've been able to give emotions to any of them.

El Greco (1541 – 1614)

''We need to study the masters, but we must also listen to what is throbbing in our souls and pass to the sword those who try to scratch it!''

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