Ruggero Ruggieri

Impressionist painting artist

Small Introduction about the Artist

My name is Ruggero Ruggieri and I am the author of the artworks in this Website. I am known for my passion for paint art to experiment with new color effects, and combine them in an original and balanced way. My use of light and color complement each other and seek chromaticism.

My passions

I love paint art, especially the work of "Impressionists". The creative freedom of painting ''allowes'' me to express my rebellious spirit, self-deprecation and desecration! I am passionate about travelling all over the world and meeting new people. I am "a traveller", not at all "a tourist". I love history, archeology, adventures and cooking.

How I started

I began my love of paint art at a young age when I won an art contest for all school pupils, I was 12 years old! That artwork was of a carafe and two glasses in watercolor ... already a little "futurist" for the time! My family weren’t surprised about my success as the passion of art ran in my veins, as my grandfather’s brother, Salvatore Murra, and 2 of his sons Enzo Murra and Raffaele Murra, were artists and art restorers in churches.

My wife encouraged me back to paint

I knew all my life I had the ability to paint. I retold the story of the artwork contest at school to my wife and, as a birthday present, she brought me some oil colours, a small easel, one brush and a palette knife. So the journey continued ...

El Greco (1541 – 1614)

''We need to study the masters, but we must also listen to what is throbbing in our souls and pass to the sword those who try to scratch it!''